With a no-nonsense attitude and elegant precision, Maria’s design process resembles the way garments are constructed, starting with a shape and further development from a pattern. She looks at the relationship of the wearer towards the product, and then innovates in the construction. This can result in a clutch with only one stitched seam, or an extra large bag that looks like a garment when worn. A major source of inspiration for Jobse’s designs are the ordinary all time classics; a suitcase, a purse, or a keychain. She strips the product from unnecessary details to reveal its core function. What remains is the pure form in the right fashionable proportions. She uses classic production methods but also invents new ones during the process. The bags and accessories are made of high quality characteristic leather that has been treated in the most natural way, which will gain character from usage. The sophisticated make and precisely designed shape give the product an understated luxury.