A State of Nature is a brand that holds quality above all else.

In the beginning, there was a very simple idea: having learned how to make beautiful handmade business shirts to a high level of finish, the designer, Barbara Fidler, noticed that most of the people who were purchasing those shirts of highest level of quality and longevity were actually people who needed it the least. It seemed wrong that people who do hard physical work in their clothes do not get the benefit of this amazing level of craftsmanship.

Barbara began designing a small range of simple workwear-inspired shapes and focused all her efforts on building them with the highest level of quality possible, each piece strictly intended for the daily hard work.

The shapes in the range are all designed around a loose fit pattern to drape over the body. The shirts are comfortable for wearing all day, no matter what job you do.

All A State of Nature products are made by hand in London to ensure that the high standards of the brand hold true for every single item.

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