FFIXXED STUDIOS is a collaborative art and design project intiated by artist an designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau. Their focus is the production of a readymade mens and womens fashion label that revolves alongside a range of other art and design related activities. In 2010, they established a unique, multifunctional, living and working space in Shenzen China. Here they explore new working models, approaching fashion in a way to participate in a wider discussion about new possiblities for the production and consumption of contemporary culture.

FFIXXED STUDIOS represents an ongoing approach to constructing creative working situations rather than reflecting any sigular idea of current aesthetic. The collestion respond to the role clothing and objects play in constructuing our daily lives, elaborating on a series of new and unexpected form of trans-fuctionality for everyday basics. They utilize a range of high quality natural fibers and highly personalized production techniques to address, transcned and stimulate a variety of social and domestic situations. For FFIXXED STUDIOS, the point it to make clothing and objects that adapt, respond to and inspire changing conditions for comptemporary living.