House of the very island´s started out as a cooperation of four designers rooted in a network of underground artists, musicians and film-makers in Vienna. A therefore widely influenced notion of clothing defined the label´s work, all collections including short films presented along with them.

Since 2008 Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner work as a team focusing explicitely on fashion.

Heading for an all sexes avant-garde casual wear House of combines effortless wearability with conceptual patternmaking and explicit silhouettes. Mathematical operations are used to make classic patterns into complex, witty and highly individual clothes. Another key aspect is the use of ecological and fair trade materials. The focus on sustainability and socially fair modes of production is not only due to political convictions but it is first of all an aesthetic choice and a decision for high quality standards. The sensual quality of hand woven textures, the liveliness of plant colours and the wearing charecteristics of organic materials are an essential part of the looks.