• N id

    The name N id comes from the French word “nid” for “nest“. A nest primarily functions as a protective shelter for its inhabitants. We centralize the social and habitual aspects of a nest: the process of growing up in a warm, protected environment until primed to leave, independently, in order to explore the outside world as a mature being.

    Our interpretation of a nest is as an intermediate cultural platform or interface, covering the sociological processes of generating stability, cognitive development and social interaction.

    Simultaneously, N id is understood as a hub, where various designers, as well as individuals, personalities and characters converge, intersect and come together. A place where those diverse perspectives, ideologies, raw tastes and techniques seamlessly engage, unify and unfold itself as its own spatial language, developing its own identity; a new style.

    There are no borders. No restrictions. It does not matter if one is known or unknown.

    Mon – Sun
    12:00 – 20:00

    1-3-2 Jinnan
    Tokyo, Japan
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    T +81 3 5784 5448
    F +81 3 5784 5449