Tribe is an early petite unit of community, most of the time it expands to city, kingdom, empire and then globalization.

The world is slowly becoming homogeneous. People within share the same modern system and chase for the same universal value.

However, there is a small number of indigenous tribes in Taiwan that still exist. They have been carefully maintaining and preserving, enthusiastically continuing their original values, traditional culture and craft techniques, accumulating their own ethnic knowledge.
But simultaneously, those localities (as in many other rural areas worldwide) with long-established traditions and cultures, are suffering under the progressive shrinkage: young generations are departing to urban environments which leads to a lack of successors, and consequently, the local society and economy gradually losing its energy and creativity.

It inspires people to look back at the ordinary things that has accustomed themselves over generations. They seek the original pure form and timeless essence that objects can reflect. With the strong believe that it is those objects that truly disclose local cultures and values (rather than copywriting, interview or campaigns), Kamaro’an initially started as a project in 2013, in which the team of two industrial designers and an indigenous culture researcher investigated into possibilities in translating traditional craftsmanship and its cultural values into product design. Since 2015 Kamaro’an is established as a brand.

Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores pure craftsmanship through clean design, working closely with local craftsmen and resources on site, the brand endeavors to generate workplaces for young people with indigenous background, and to support and to sustain local traditions and work environment.

The name Kamaro’an originates from pangcah, which means “the place to live”. Pangcah is one of an indigenous ethnic in Taiwan.
Each product is slowly handwoven in the studio by indigenous craftsmen. The brand appreciates the handcrafts of everyday objects that reflect pangcah’s way of living in harmony with nature and is obsessed with the non-fancy but practical weaving technique that adapts to daily needs.

Kamaro’an celebrates the uniqueness, timelessness and precision that hands can bring to life.